Ruffle Knit Baby Dress Models and Making

Dresses are very cute clothes for little girls.

Today we will talk about making a simple and stylish dress that you can knit with your babies. It is quite easy to make, consists of plain and reverse knitting, so even beginners can easily do it.

Let’s start knitting right away!


2 hand knitting threads

100 cm 3.5 mm line skewer

1 button

Wool needle


First, 68 loops of fishing line are thrown and 2 teeth are knitted. Woven knitting is obtained by always knitting the back.

In the 5th row, 2 loops on the front face are inverted and 1 loop-1 cut, 1 loop-1 cut is continued until 2 loops remain at the end of the row. The last two loops remaining on the needle are knit upside down. In the back row, all the loops are turned upside down and come to the front. There should be 68 loops in total on the skewer and all loops should be knit in reverse during the yoke.

We will make the collar separation as 8 (back) -3-11 (arm) -3-18 (front) -3-11 (arm) -3-8 (back). For this purpose, 8 reversals, 1 hidden increment (knitting stitches), 3 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 11 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 3 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 18 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 3 reversals, Let’s conclude 1 hidden increment, 11 inverse, 1 hidden increment, 3 inverse, 1 hidden increment, 8 inverse.

The back side of the knit will always be knit back.

Knitting is continued by increasing the left and right loops of 3 loops on each front face.

Knit stitches up to 22 (back) -3-38 (arm) -3-44 (front) -3-38 (arm) -3-22 (back).

On the obverse at the end of Roba; 22 loops are knit upside down and 38 loops, which are separated as arms, are knit as 1 flat knit-1 hidden knit and are increased to 75 loops. The sleeves are knit in plain weave. It is turned back and all loops from the back are knit back. On the obverse, re-increase is made, that is, 75 loops are knit as 1 kn-1 hidden increment and taken to 112 loops. These 112 loops are knitted 6 cm (16 rows) flat. Finally, two rows of knitting are knitted and the arm loops are cut and completed.

The rope is added to the front body again and 44 loops are knitted.

For the arm consisting of 38 stitches after 44 stitches, the operations we applied in the previous arm are applied again and the second arm is completed.

The string is added to the front body again, and the last 22 loops of the last knit.

A total of 174 loops are obtained by making a total of 88 stitches on the back of the knit, including 22 back + 44 front + 22 back, by making 1 knit-1 blind boost and combining the back pieces with the front.

We are on the front of the knitting, after which the knitting is continued to be flat on the front and reverse on the back.

After the yoke, knit until the length of the dress is 36 cm.

In the last skirt, 2 rows of horas are taken and all loops are closed.

One button is sewn on the back of the dress.

Our dress is ready!