Knit Crochet Cat Ears

Today we make a great buckle in the shape of a cat as new. If you want, you can knit and use it in knitted crown models or in buckle models.

We knit with the frequent needle technique we use in amigurumi toys. Again, we knitted another wonderful crown with the technique we will share soon. It’s time to switch to easy model making buckles at home. Let’s get started.

Knitting Crown Buckle Models

An easy and wonderful buckle that we make with crochet needle and knitting flower patterns. The kind that our girls will love. Buckle making is an easy model at home. If you know how to needle frequently in crochet, you can easily knit the buckles. You can use the models you have previously used as a crown and buckle clip and which have been damaged.

Let’s see the schemes of models that we will knit for the crown, knit for the ears and knit for knitted flowers.

With the knitted flowers you like, you can decorate the buckles with pearls. We add a piece of fine felt to the inside of the ear. And we complete the ear. Buckle and crown models are as follows.

It is a model that you can work with any color, either as a crown or a buckle. Now let’s see what our buckles and tiara look like when they run out.