The Best Women Cardigan Models

Hello to everyone,
We like pompon models, which are trendy recently. In this article, we shared pompon cardigan models and different models.
Today we share a video about how to make popmpon cardigan. We thank the channel owner for this great video, we strongly recommend you to follow this channel.

Especially long and wide cardigans are very popular now. If you are a fashion follower, you should give these models a chance. You can get an idea about the most modern cardigans by examining our gallery before going to the video. We have to say that there are great alternatives for those who love knitting.

Hand Made Cardigan Models and Making

One of the clothes that women love using is knit cardigans. If you know how to knit, we want to share a model that you must try. It will be a great complement for both sports and classic clothes.

Each piece is shared together with its dimensions. All the details and explanations you need to know this cardigan are available in the rest of our article.

Now I want to give you the scheme of the cardigan. Technically, you can do it the same way and adjust the size as desired.

At the top, we shared the construction as a scheme with you. You can find information about arm measurements, body measurements, how to cut. Now let’s look at how it will look when knitted.

When you combine all the pieces, let’s look at how it looks when sewn.