Crochet Triangle Shawl Models and Samples

One of the products that are not missing in fashion accessories in the autumn and winter season is knitting shawl samples. Shawls that bring life to autumn and winter with their different models and colors are one of the clothing products that have become a trend. For example; triangle shawl models are available in different patterns with patterns and knitting samples. Shawls, crochet and knitting patterns will help you to capture elegance. There are triangular shawl models according to clothing style and colors according to the request. Triangular shawls can be effective in warming the winter months with its gentle and elegant look.

Triangle shawl is one of the most preferred models for women. It is generally used as a shoulder strap. It is very common to use triangular shawls for the purpose of scarf and neckband by tying the thin ends. You can already see the knit triangle shawl models that we will share with you below in our gallery.

When the shawl is attached, both warmth and a different visual elegance can be achieved. Triangular shawl making is generally preferred in autumn and winter seasons. While shawls are used in cold seasons, it is also seen to be effective in capturing visual elegance. Shawls, which are suitable for every taste and style, have become the trend of the season with their knitting models.

Triangular knitting shawl models and their constructions can be knitted in different ways according to manual skill. Model extraction can be made with crochet or needle. Shawls with different styles can be obtained with different knitting patterns. Shawl samples in different models in terms of patterns and models can be viewed from the narrated video and image gallery. With narrated knitting videos, shawl styles never seen before can be found in shawl models.

You can follow the triangular wrap samples in different models and follow them live in narrated videos. In narrative videos, you can capture fine details that are unknown in knitting models. Apart from the triangular shawl model with different video weave descriptions, you can reach other stylish and different shawl samples.

Necessary materials

Shawl rope



First of all, we draw 5 chains and make 1 ring with our shawl rope, and we make 3 double handrails inside the ring, we pull two intermediate chains, we make 3 double handrails again, and again we pull 2 chains and make 3 more handrails.

We move up to the next row, we make three double handrails between the chain and draw two intermediate chains, and again we make three handrails, then we pull 6 chains and again make three handrails between the opposite chain and draw two intermediate chains.

We move up to the next row, after we make the handrails again, we pull 6 chains and fix them with the needle in the opposite slot, and we draw 6 chains again and make the handrails in the corner.

Picture gallery images are available for those who say how to knit a triangle shawl.

30 Fantastic Balcony Decorations

Hello to everyone,
Thank you for following our balcony decoration ideas with interest. We will share balcony decoration ideas for the third time on our page. Whether small or large, if you have a balcony, you want to decorate it with pleasure, you can take advantage of our article.

Do not forget to use the flowers on your balconies. Support these flowers with mini trinkets. The use of led light or lantern is also very popular. If you live in an area with mosquito problems, it is sufficient to get one of the fly repellent lights.

After deciding to decorate your balcony, doing a good research helps you get inspired. If you do not know where to start, we strongly recommend that you review our gallery.

Amazing Cactus Images

In recent years, the number of cactus enthusiasts has increased significantly. Cactuses are now preferred for both hobby and decoration purposes. The plants most preferred by those who want to create green spaces even in small spaces are cactuses. It is possible to say that being easy to maintain is also a great advantage.
Another topic that has been popular recently is the discourse that cacti prevent radiation. For this reason, it is also a great alternative for offices and workplaces.

Since cacti are of different types and sizes, you can also make different combinations in one pot. If you need to be careful, you should not plant cacti too close together. The biggest mistake is to make the plants very close to each other.

If you love these plants, which are in hundreds of varieties and sizes, this gallery will attract your attention. We will continue to share the most beautiful and interesting pictures. You can get inspired by examining our gallery below.

Easy Crochet Baby Dress Models

Knitted dresses are very cute and really suit girls. As the summer season is coming, we wanted to share these wonderful models with you. As new models emerge every day, we continue to compile the most beautiful models for you. If like knitting products, try making a knit dress for your little girl.

We take care to share the constantly changing and renewed models with you. You can search our previous articles about these dresses on our page. Here are the most up-to-date images. Do not decide without reviewing our gallery.

Very Useful Baby Care Bag

We continue to research the most diverse and useful products for you. Today, we will share knitting baby care bags. Besides being very cute, they are definitely very practical.

Do not bother searching for cloth wipes and cream in a large bag. You can put the materials you need urgently in this tiny bag.

If you love knitting products and know how to knit, you can do it yourself. Apart from knitting, there are options made of fabric. It is very ideal to put the materials you will need most when going out.

For more options, you can review our gallery below.

Crochet Amigurumi Doll

These babies are really great. It is a perfect toy that your baby will never leave, will want to sleep with, and will always take with you on travels. Moreover, it is absolutely healthy because it is not knitted.

Cotton made of crochet patterns are filled and eyes are sewn into shape. Since the stitches are made firm, you can easily wash them. If you are confident, make handmade for your baby. But if you want to buy, there are many options.

These babies are a very good option as a gift. If you want a gift that can last for years, these dolls will be a good choice.

We have compiled the most beautiful models that will give you ideas and inspiration in our gallery. Select your favorite doll by examining the pictures below.

Crochet Tissue Box

Hello dear readers ..
Today we will share a very different and useful idea. Crocheted tissue paper box.

Are your napkins ordinary on your table? With these models, even your napkins will look very stylish now. It is very easy to make and fast.

These models look really cute and stylish. You can make a wonderful paper napkin box in your child’s room with animal figures. As his tiny hands get dirty, he can take a napkin from the mouth of the frog. In addition to being very stylish, handmade products are always special.

This video we researched and shared for you will help you.

The narration of the channel owner is quite clear and successful. We thank him for this great video. We also strongly recommend other videos of the channel.

Tire Decoration Ideas

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Today we came up with a great do-it-yourself idea for your garden. Tire decoration ideas. Now more conversions are preferred than new ones and they attract attention. Thanks to recycling, we both harm the nature less and add items of our own design to our lives.

If you have car tires that no longer work, think again before you destroy them. You have the chance to evaluate so well that you will not believe it. There are numerous uses in the garden and balcony. The design totally depends on your creativity.

You can make children happy by swinging or decorate your garden with flowers by making flower pots. Moreover, you will feel quite psychologically relaxed while dealing with all this.

For more ideas, we suggest you take a look at our gallery below. If you have any new ideas, we would be happy to share them with us. Come on it’s time to convert …

Perfect Crochet Sousplat Models

Knitted products took their place in the kitchen after the clothes. You will love the images we will share today. Sousplat…

Sousplat models are not only placed under the dinner plates. If you want, you can also put a supla under the glass plates. sousplats can be used both for decorative purposes and to keep the table clean.

These products will be a great help for a stylish dining table. Handcrafted products are always remarkable and special. When you use these handmade products, your guests will praise your table.

You will be very impressed by looking at the images below.

Making these great products is pretty easy. Watch some videos and start trying now. These models made with crochet also cost extremely cheap.

You will get more than one model just by changing the color of the rope you use. Colorful sousplates will look great when decorating your table. Moreover, you can make different designs using small accessories. If you want to be inspired, you can review our gallery below.

Knit Cardigan Models For Baby Girl

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Today we have researched for baby girls and compiled wonderful cardigan models.

Knitted products are indispensable for infants and children. It is the choice of many mothers and is very useful for babies. You can see the rest of our article for the most beautiful models.

Undoubtedly, one of the first products you will definitely want to buy when going out is cardigans. These products are very practical due to the ease of works such as washing and ironing. It is a fact that they are as cute as they are functional. If you want to make a knit cardigan, you can use the video below.

First of all, you can review our gallery for models that can give you an idea.

This video owner explains the cardigan making wonderfully. We suggest you take a look at the other videos of the channel, we thank the channel for this video.