Cool Balcony Decorating Ideas

We all love to spend time on the balcony. Well thought out decoration ideas can turn the balcony into an urban oasis full of greenery, or at least be your favorite reading corner for the summer.

If your balcony is large, you are very lucky. But now perfect furniture is designed for small balconies. Your balcony will look very cool with a few accessories that you can use according to your own taste. We especially recommend lanterns and candles.

After a short research, you will be able to make the most suitable decoration for your balcony. Do not avoid using colors and decorating your wall with flowers. Cacti look great, especially in colorful flowerpots.

And we share the most trendy balcony decoration pictures we chose for you below. We wish it to inspire you. Come on, change your balcony this summer and take care of every detail. Remember, the places where you reflect your own style always make you feel good.

Knitting Carpet Models For Baby Room

While designing our baby’s room, we review many details. Furniture, curtains, accessories and of course carpets. You can find many ready-made carpet models as well as hand-made carpets. We recommend you to knit, especially as a great activity to linger while waiting for your baby. So you can make a beautiful carpet in your baby’s room with your own hands.

This is great if you know how to knit. But don’t even worry if you don’t know. Start experimenting by watching a few videos and see how well it goes. Then you can choose the models that suit the concept you want.

Animal figures are among the ideal models for both baby and girl rooms. It is a fact that they are very cute. Apart from that, it has been very popular recently in models with flowers, stripes, stars and pompoms. Especially if you use the colors that dominate the baby room, you will achieve unity and harmony.

These models are very stylish, very cute yes. But in fact, its most important feature is that it is healthy. As we have mentioned in many articles, plush, woolen and furry items cause allergies in babies. You can eliminate these risks by knitting these rugs from combed threads.

We have compiled the most beautiful models that will give you an idea in this article. You can get inspired by examining our gallery.

Poncho Making And Models For Girls

Dear mothers, grandmohters and aunts. We know that you love to decorate your girls and dress beautifully. Today, we will share pretty poncho models and their making for you. You can also find this model, which we previously shared for women, by searching our page.

Poncho suits girls very well. This very cute model is also very comfortable and practical. We will tell you an easy and stylish model that those who want to knit will never have difficulty. Then you will be able to get a different model by changing colors or adding accessories according to your own taste.

First, we share the list of materials you need to supply. This recipe is for 3-6 months baby, you can knit a bigger poncho by increasing the number of stitches.
Skewer no 5
Thick rope
Crochet no 2

We start 48 cast on . We knit 4 rows garter stitch.

6 loops in the beginning, 36 loops in flat knitting, 6 loops garter stitch

We knit 75/80 cm.

We knit in this way and
We knit 1 more of the same.

We combine the parts as shown in the picture.

And we decorate it with pompom or ribbon.

This model so easy really and so shic.

And don’t forget to check out our gallery for other models that will inspire you.

Perfect Decorative Shelf Models

We said that we love decorating ideas very much and are happy to share them with you. We chose great shelf designs for you today. There is an incredibly liberating design everywhere in the balcony, kitchen, children’s room, living room. There’s so much to put on. You will find these suggestions in the rest of our article.

You can prefer shelves as a pleasant decoration idea especially in children’s rooms. Those painted in colors that match your concept will be a complementary accessory. Fun books, plush and swinging feet, cars, mini-illuminated lamps will be the most beautiful objects.

Of course we have suggestions for the kitchen. Cacti, live or artificial flowers, coffee cups, a mini radio, decorative objects are the most beautiful. Usually there is a wall or corner that is not used in your kitchen, it is not hard to get a different and cool look with small shelves and objects mentioned above. After sharing a few images for your inspiration, we will share more in our gallery.

There can be many ideas in your halls. Objects, photos, flowers, candles, ornaments that you bring as a souvenir from your travels. And you can use whatever you like. It can be a great location for decoration, especially if your wall with a TV has a gap. Tasteful people always create great integrity and elegance with small details. Do not hesitate to reflect your own taste in your home.

Please browse our gallery to decide where to start. The difference makes every person feel refreshed. Therefore, start making small touches in your home or office. Here are some suggestions.

How To Make Knit Baby Shoes For Baby Girl

Knitting models are very popular now and new models continue to emerge every day. For knitting lovers, we continue to select the most beautiful models and share them. We chose great baby girl shoes today. We are sure that as soon as you see, you will dream of your little baby’s feet.

If you like to deal with knitting, you should definitely try these models.
You can try by following the steps. Remember, knitting products are healthy as well as stylish. You will often find knitting products among the recommendations of experts for body temperature as well as your baby’s comfort.

We would like to remind you that you can also find baby girl knit dresses on our page. And here is our shoe gallery. There are options in every color and model.

Great Flower Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Hello, dear readers …
While we continue to share knitting on our page, we would like to share our decoration ideas with you. We shared balcony and bathroom decoration ideas, and they were very popular and we wanted to continue compiling different ideas that will inspire you. Today we have chosen images that can be an alternative for your flowers.

Plants are a great decoration aid in every area of our house. Since plants evoke nature, purity, goodness and many emotions like this, almost everyone has a plant in a corner of their home. If you prefer plants in your home, we recommend you to examine our research on how you can decorate. Especially it is not easy to make room for more than one plant. These stands look beautiful and act as an organizer.

Large plants will be a spacious and impressive choice for salons. For the kitchen, colorful flowers in mini pots provide a pleasant appearance. Plants such as cactus, aloevera, and violet can be examples.

And you can review our gallery for pictures that can give you ideas. We wish you to benefit from the energy of plants …

Knit Bikini And Beach Wear

As the summer season comes, we all enter the holiday mode. If you want to make your style talk on the beach, we have excellent suggestions. Knitted bikinis and bustiers are especially popular this year. These crochet models have thousands of recipes and varieties. If you are keen on crochet, you can make wonderful designs for yourself and your relatives.

You can mix colors depending on your imagination and create new models with accessories such as buttons and beads. Knitted bikinis are also among the models preferred for their convenience. After learning to knit, you will be able to make dozens of models of bikini and clothes, and you will love it because will be for your size.

You can find the most beautiful models that will inspire you in our gallery below. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our article that we have compiled knit bikini and clothes for girls child.