Knitting Carpet Models For Baby Room

While designing our baby’s room, we review many details. Furniture, curtains, accessories and of course carpets. You can find many ready-made carpet models as well as hand-made carpets. We recommend you to knit, especially as a great activity to linger while waiting for your baby. So you can make a beautiful carpet in your baby’s room with your own hands.

This is great if you know how to knit. But don’t even worry if you don’t know. Start experimenting by watching a few videos and see how well it goes. Then you can choose the models that suit the concept you want.

Animal figures are among the ideal models for both baby and girl rooms. It is a fact that they are very cute. Apart from that, it has been very popular recently in models with flowers, stripes, stars and pompoms. Especially if you use the colors that dominate the baby room, you will achieve unity and harmony.

These models are very stylish, very cute yes. But in fact, its most important feature is that it is healthy. As we have mentioned in many articles, plush, woolen and furry items cause allergies in babies. You can eliminate these risks by knitting these rugs from combed threads.

We have compiled the most beautiful models that will give you an idea in this article. You can get inspired by examining our gallery.

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