Extreme Cute Knitted Baby Rompers

Today, we have chosen very cute knitted baby overalls for you. We definitely recommend for both boys and girls. You will so love for pictures. It has recently become one of the most popular products among the ever-changing models. Now we will add sample pictures for you. Starting here, you can make various models according to your taste.

We start by throwing 30 loops of bottles. And we start knitting harosa. We knit 2 rows.

In the 3rd row, we make holes for buttonholes on both sides. Then, as seen in the picture, the length of the moon is knitted and the buttonhole holes are made at equal intervals.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 2

In the 35th, 67th and 99th rows, we make the buttonhole hole for the button on both sides.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 3

Now we begin to shape the overalls. We knit with 4 turns of reduction on both sides. 20 loops remain in the spit. We knit without making 2 rows of reduction. Then we increase again from both sides as shown in the picture. Until 60 loops.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 4

We increase 20 loops on both sides.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 5

We knit the same number without increasing 76 turns. It sounds about 18 cm equivalent. We knit 100 loops as harosha.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 6

We collect 20 loops from the edge to the fork needle.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 7

We collect 60 loops from the middle into a fork needle.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 8

Until 8 loops remain on the other 20 loops, let’s decrease as in the picture.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 9

Let’s knit the 20 loops that we have separated in the same way.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 15

Let the middle part decrease from both sides until there are 40 loops left. Our braid will look like the picture.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 10

Let’s sew her arms and buttons.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 11

And our knitwear handcrafted is finished. It was wonderful.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 12

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 13

And you can get inspiration and ideas by looking at other great models we have chosen for you. You can make great braids for your baby so that you can give her a great gift to keep for years.

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