Perfect Macrame Design Ideas

Today we have compiled great macrame knitting ideas for you. Now the new trend is absolutely macrame designs. We see its use in wall decoration, clothes, bags and many other places.
If you know or learn this knitting technique, you can use your own design wherever you want. I think this idea is very marginal in our opinion.

It looks incredibly stylish on your balconies, in your winter gardens, in your summer houses. We will share the most beautiful places of use with you, so that you can imagine how cool the look with a small detail. Of course, it is a nice choice not only for home decoration, but also for personal accessories such as clothes and buckles.

And for the most beautiful models we have chosen for you, please check our gallery. If you want to present a new and different accessory to yourself or your loved ones, definitely include macrame designs.

macrame accessory – macrame bag -macrame knit

Pompon Baby Blanket Making

Hello dear readers. In this article, we will share the pompom blanket making. This very cute model is soft and very comfortable. you can safely choose for your baby. It is a model knitted with crochet, and it is possible to say that it is quite simple and fast.

After watching a few videos, you can easily make this model. If you like knitting products, give this model a chance. We have chosen a video that is very good for you. There are many knitting videos on the channel and we loved its detailed narration.

And here we share the most beautiful models that will inspire you. Choose the most beautiful for your little baby and start knitting right away.

Extreme Cute Knitted Baby Rompers

Today, we have chosen very cute knitted baby overalls for you. We definitely recommend for both boys and girls. You will so love for pictures. It has recently become one of the most popular products among the ever-changing models. Now we will add sample pictures for you. Starting here, you can make various models according to your taste.

We start by throwing 30 loops of bottles. And we start knitting harosa. We knit 2 rows.

In the 3rd row, we make holes for buttonholes on both sides. Then, as seen in the picture, the length of the moon is knitted and the buttonhole holes are made at equal intervals.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 2

In the 35th, 67th and 99th rows, we make the buttonhole hole for the button on both sides.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 3

Now we begin to shape the overalls. We knit with 4 turns of reduction on both sides. 20 loops remain in the spit. We knit without making 2 rows of reduction. Then we increase again from both sides as shown in the picture. Until 60 loops.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 4

We increase 20 loops on both sides.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 5

We knit the same number without increasing 76 turns. It sounds about 18 cm equivalent. We knit 100 loops as harosha.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 6

We collect 20 loops from the edge to the fork needle.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 7

We collect 60 loops from the middle into a fork needle.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 8

Until 8 loops remain on the other 20 loops, let’s decrease as in the picture.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 9

Let’s knit the 20 loops that we have separated in the same way.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 15

Let the middle part decrease from both sides until there are 40 loops left. Our braid will look like the picture.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 10

Let’s sew her arms and buttons.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 11

And our knitwear handcrafted is finished. It was wonderful.

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 12

Örgü Zıbın Yapılışı 13

And you can get inspiration and ideas by looking at other great models we have chosen for you. You can make great braids for your baby so that you can give her a great gift to keep for years.

Most Shic Knit Poncho Models

Ponchos, which are a different version of the cardigan, are very useful and stylish clothes. There are many models with one button, arms open, half stitched. It is a saving piece especially in spring season.

The use of arches is also very common in recent years. Although it is one of the reasons for preference to have a structure that does not tighten the body, now it is increasing its enthusiast in terms of style. It is really easy to knit these wonderful clothes. You can knit yourself by taking inspiration from the models we have chosen for you, or you can give ideas to those who love knitting.

Here are the trending models of this year. You can reflect your own style by using a different color rope or replacing the model you like with different accessories.

Perfect Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Of course, we want a perfect design in our bathrooms, as in every part of our house. It should not be said bathroom design easy to be.
Remember, even our guests will definitely see our bathroom. It is a fact that the bathrooms are quite small in new buildings. But now we can make it very useful with excellent designs.

Actually, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. We perform many activities such as showering, toilet, makeup, styling our hair, care and so on. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use the colors, objects and fragrances you love in your bathroom. We would like to remind you that we are talking about a place that most family members visit most.

If you do not know where to start when designing your bathroom, be sure to search for lots of visuals about it. Our advice is never hesitate to use accessories, especially , making the accessories look warm and harmonious.

Bathroom designs are very popular in recent years. Nobody chooses a colorless and cold bath anymore. And of course, manufacturers produce great accessories and furniture. We have compiled the most beautiful, modern and popular design examples for you. Please review the images below and get inspired, these ideas will be very useful for you.

Knit Vest Baby Boy

These knit vests keep them incredibly warm in the winter and autumn seasons, and the babies are very comfortable. We are sure it will suit your baby very well. Maybe you want to knit for your little baby yourself. Do not be afraid to try, we will give you an example recipe.

Especially in recent years, the interest in knitting has increased more and patterns have become limitless depending on your imagination. If you are also interested in knitting, check these models. Although we have compiled models for baby boys in this article…

So let’s move on to the sample tariff.

3.5 rows of skewers were used in 16 rows of 16 examples of each motif. You can knit many knits such as baby blankets, baby vests and women’s vests with this easy to knit and very enjoyable example. It can even knit in a beret and a scarf.

You will be able to learn one of the most beautiful models on the channel, which many people like and follow, thanks to the video in this article. In the picture above, baby vest was tried with this model and a stylish vest appeared. You can start the video below to learn the wavy triangles knitting pattern, which will be your first choice in women’s vests for girls and boys braids.

And we select the most beautiful models that will inspire you and share them below. Please review.

50 Cool Balcony Decorating Ideas

We all love to spend time on the balcony. Well thought out decoration ideas can turn the balcony into an urban oasis full of greenery, or at least be your favorite reading corner for the summer.

If your balcony is large, you are very lucky. But now perfect furniture is designed for small balconies. Your balcony will look very cool with a few accessories that you can use according to your own taste. We especially recommend lanterns and candles.

After a short research, you will be able to make the most suitable decoration for your balcony. Do not avoid using colors and decorating your wall with flowers. Cacti look great, especially in colorful flowerpots.

And we share the most trendy balcony decoration pictures we chose for you below. We wish it to inspire you. Come on, change your balcony this summer and take care of every detail. Remember, the places where you reflect your own style always make you feel good.

Perfect Cactus Decorating Ideas

Sometimes we also want to write to you about decoration. I have been using cacti for many years at home, in the office, in many places such as balconies and conservatories. I have to say that I like it very much in terms of their appearance.And of course, being the easiest plant to care for has a huge impact.

If we mention the advantages briefly, it has many advantages such as not requiring frequent irrigation, preventing radiation and being able to grow in any environment. In the meantime, we would like to give a hint. When you want to water, if you prefer spray bottles, you can water evenly and ensure that the entire body is cleaned.

We have compiled ideas on how you can decorate these wonderful plants.You can also make flower pots by taking inspiration from the pictures below. Tiny pots, baby shoes, jars, and even old suitcases can turn into wonderful flower pots. You can paint it’s out as you like, or create new ideas with buttons or threads.

Most Trendy Knit Cushion/Puff

Knitted poufs, cushions and pillows, which will enter everyone’s home this year, are quite fashionable. If you understand a little knitting, immediately start knitting . These knitted poufs that do not require much effort will create very warm environments in your homes.

Don’t you understand knitting? Don’t worry, he has a cure too. There are certainly sweaters that not everyone wears at home. Yes, here your old sweaters come into play and you tie it from the bottom, fold and put your old fiber pillow into it and sew it from the top. The easiest way to close the seams is colored buttons. But here your imagination can come in and give you more decorative ideas.

We brought together beautiful beanbag models to give you an idea.You can also find the models we have selected for the children’s room in this article with detailed descriptions.

Perfect Balcony Decoration Ideas

The balcony has a special place and importance in the architectural structure of all regions with a mild climate. Even in regions with cold climates such as northern European countries, there is a balcony even for ornamentation. In our country, balconies are separate living spaces. With the arrival of spring, anyone who wants to absorb the smell of spring runs to the balcony. Even in the city center, the balcony is a means of opening to the outside world, communicating with nature and the sky in some way. Especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, there are families that do not enter the balcony at extreme temperatures and spend on all summer balconies on the terraces. As such, balcony decoration of these houses becomes as important as interior decoration. We have prepared a wide article about modern balcony decoration ideas and examples for you. You can apply these ideas in all balcony styles, no matter how big or small.

Let’s start with balcony decoration products
Flowers and pots occupy the widest place among balcony decoration products. Since we are tired of seeing concrete in closed buildings all day in our life in the city, it is good to see at least some flowers and greenery on the balcony. If your balcony is small, you can hang pots, if your balcony is large, you can choose huge pot plants. After flowers and plants, the sitting group comes. Sitting groups, which are one of the most important products in balcony and terrace decoration, completely change according to the properties of the balcony and the region where the house is located. You can choose the suitable one from the seating groups with different features such as big cushion or mat. Various balcony decoration accessories come after the seating group. You can buy these accessories yourself or at accessory stores.

Modern balcony decoration art
Balcony decoration varies according to the width and physical properties of the balcony. You can put a large wicker garden group seating set in it, or it can be a balcony where two chairs and a table can hardly fit. The seating group you choose affects the style and air of the balcony. You may need to choose other accessories according to this style. In other words, you can complete a classic garden seating group with a big cushion with these classic accessories. Everything from its lighting to flowers should be in harmony.

And we shared the balcony decoration pictures in every style that will inspire you below. Let’s get rid of mediocrity this summer and turn it into a wonderful area.