Baby Room Decorating-Modern And Different

If you are looking for elegant ideas for baby rooms, we offer you inspirational decorations. One of the most enjoyable parts of waiting for a baby is to prepare the room. You can create a wonderful room for baby rooms with elegant ideas.If you are looking for decoration suggestions where you can apply elegant ideas to baby rooms, you can create a stylish room. When decorating baby rooms, you should take care that it is functional and aesthetic. You should not compromise your baby and your own comfort. Quality of your baby’s sleep should be one of the biggest duties of the room. For this reason, color, furniture and home textiles are extremely important.

In order to create elegant ideas for baby rooms, you must first decide on the colors. For this, you can combine colors such as white and powder with one or two colors. You can even make beautiful shadow games with different shades of a single color. For example, it is possible to create an elegant and spacious room with powder and light brown tones. The choice of furniture is very important in applying elegant ideas to baby rooms. In the selection of furniture, you can choose the ones that are not so colorful and simpler. In this way, when your baby grows up, you can transform the furniture for the children’s room in a way that does not resemble the ‘baby room’. In addition, soft textiles are a must for both elegant decoration and a comfortable room. You can build the lighting elements that you will use in the baby room to serve a number of different purposes. For example, your baby needs different lights for going to sleep or playing hours. For this, you can use lamp, lampshade and pendant lamps, strong choices for an elegant baby room. Today, there are many alternatives for lighting elements. You can reinforce the decoration of the room by using elegant lampshades and stylish pendant lamps.

Elegant ideas to baby rooms also go through the right accessories. We recommend that you do not use very rich colors in accessories. You can include accessories that will contribute to the whole decoration of the room and enrich the decoration with different colors. When buying furniture, you should definitely make choices for your baby’s health. You should do a good research on the health and quality of furniture’s paint and material. You can easily clean the carpet selection in the baby room and you should question whether there is an allergen. It is possible to have an elegant room for baby rooms with wall stickers, paintings or shelves. Here are elegant ideas for beautiful baby rooms.

For more ideas, please don’t forget to check out our gallery below.

32 Modern Baby Boy Room Ideas

Hello to everyone,
Today we have compiled the perfect decorating ideas for baby boy rooms. If you want to design a style and a different room for your baby, this article will be of great interest to you. Baby boy room decoration ideas actually cover much more than color selection. If you think that male baby room decoration ideas are full of furniture with blue hues, you are wrong. Come on then review the rest of the article.

Baby room decoration should have two or three shades. More than that, too bright and too remarkable colors should not be available when possible. We recommend that you never leave the walls blank. A few large paintings with animal pictures are very ideal. As is known, all children love animals. In addition, you can animate a single wall with different wallpapers and get a modern look.

Yellow color is very popular recently for baby boys. In addition, if the room is not too small, we recommend you to put up a tent and create a cute environment. For more ideas, we recommend you to review our gallery below.

Different And Cool Crochet Blanket Patterns

Blankets are an extremely important need especially for babies. Of course, it is not only preferred for babies. It is used as an accessory and cover for the seats. Adults are very useful for both warming up and covering while sleeping.

Knitting patterns are constantly changing and renewed. We have compiled the most beautiful and updated models for you. Don’t forget to check out our gallery for ideas.

Amigurumi Rabbit Sleeping Companion

With Amigurumi knitting models, you can make your children learn toys and sleep buddies.


  • 2 pieces of puppy color thread
  • 2 Pieces White color rope
  • 1 Brown rope
  • 1 Cyan color thread
  • 2-2.5 mm crochet
  • 3 pairs of 6 mm locking eyes
  • Bead fiber


Sh: Magic ring

x: frequent needle

v: Increase (make 2 frequent needles into 1 loop)

a: Reduction (knitting 2 frequent needles together and making 1 loop)

() *: Number of repetitions

(): Number of stitches that should be at the end of the row



1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12x)

3) (1x, 1v)*6 (18)

4) (2x, 1v)*6 (24)

5) (3x, 1v)*6 (30)

6) (4x, 1v)*6 (36)

7) (5x, 1v)*6 (42)

8) (6x, 1v)*6 (48)

9) (7x, 1v)*6 (54)

10-21) 54x

15-16. We wear the eyes with a 10x interval between the rows.

22) (7x, 1a)*6 (48)

23) (6x, 1a)*6 (42)

24) (5x, 1a)*6 (36)

25) (4x, 1a)*6 (30)

The fiber is filled.

26) (3x, 1a)*6 (24)

27) (2x, 1a)*6 (18)

28) (1x, 1a)*6 (12)

The nose is embroidered with brown embroidery thread between the eyes.

Legs and Body

1) Sh 5x

2) 5v (10)

3) (1x, 1v)*5 (15)

4-35) 15x

The fiber is filled.

The first leg is over, the second leg is knitted in the same way and the body continues without cutting the rope.

When the second leg is finished, 3 chains are drawn and combined with the first leg by loop stitching.

36) 15x on the first leg, 3x on 3 chains, 15x on the second leg, 3x on 3 chains (36)

37-42) 36x

43) (4x, 1a)*6 (30)

44-49) 30x

50) (3x, 1a)*6 (24)

51-54) 24x

55) The arms are joined to the body, 24x

56) (2x, 1a)*6 (18)

57) (1x, 1a)*6 (12)


1) Sh 6x

2) 6v (12)

3-29) 12x

The fiber is filled.

30) (4x, 1a)*2 (10)

31) 10x


1) Sh 6x

2) (2x, 1v)*2 (8)

3) (3x, 1v)*2 (10)

4) (4x, 1v)*2 (12)

5) (5x, 1v)*2 (14)

6) (6x, 1v)*2 (16)

7) (7x, 1v)*2 (18)

8) (8x, 1v)*2 (20)

9-12) 20x

13) (8x, 1a)*2 (18)

14) 18x

15) (7x, 1a)*2 (16)

16) 16x

17) (6x, 1a)*2 (14)

18-22) 14x

Ears are sewn proportionally to the head, and the head and body are sewn together.

Ruffle Knit Baby Dress Models and Making

Dresses are very cute clothes for little girls.

Today we will talk about making a simple and stylish dress that you can knit with your babies. It is quite easy to make, consists of plain and reverse knitting, so even beginners can easily do it.

Let’s start knitting right away!


2 hand knitting threads

100 cm 3.5 mm line skewer

1 button

Wool needle


First, 68 loops of fishing line are thrown and 2 teeth are knitted. Woven knitting is obtained by always knitting the back.

In the 5th row, 2 loops on the front face are inverted and 1 loop-1 cut, 1 loop-1 cut is continued until 2 loops remain at the end of the row. The last two loops remaining on the needle are knit upside down. In the back row, all the loops are turned upside down and come to the front. There should be 68 loops in total on the skewer and all loops should be knit in reverse during the yoke.

We will make the collar separation as 8 (back) -3-11 (arm) -3-18 (front) -3-11 (arm) -3-8 (back). For this purpose, 8 reversals, 1 hidden increment (knitting stitches), 3 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 11 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 3 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 18 reversals, 1 hidden increment, 3 reversals, Let’s conclude 1 hidden increment, 11 inverse, 1 hidden increment, 3 inverse, 1 hidden increment, 8 inverse.

The back side of the knit will always be knit back.

Knitting is continued by increasing the left and right loops of 3 loops on each front face.

Knit stitches up to 22 (back) -3-38 (arm) -3-44 (front) -3-38 (arm) -3-22 (back).

On the obverse at the end of Roba; 22 loops are knit upside down and 38 loops, which are separated as arms, are knit as 1 flat knit-1 hidden knit and are increased to 75 loops. The sleeves are knit in plain weave. It is turned back and all loops from the back are knit back. On the obverse, re-increase is made, that is, 75 loops are knit as 1 kn-1 hidden increment and taken to 112 loops. These 112 loops are knitted 6 cm (16 rows) flat. Finally, two rows of knitting are knitted and the arm loops are cut and completed.

The rope is added to the front body again and 44 loops are knitted.

For the arm consisting of 38 stitches after 44 stitches, the operations we applied in the previous arm are applied again and the second arm is completed.

The string is added to the front body again, and the last 22 loops of the last knit.

A total of 174 loops are obtained by making a total of 88 stitches on the back of the knit, including 22 back + 44 front + 22 back, by making 1 knit-1 blind boost and combining the back pieces with the front.

We are on the front of the knitting, after which the knitting is continued to be flat on the front and reverse on the back.

After the yoke, knit until the length of the dress is 36 cm.

In the last skirt, 2 rows of horas are taken and all loops are closed.

One button is sewn on the back of the dress.

Our dress is ready!

Baby Knit Overalls Models

Hello to everyone,
We shared the latest knit overalls models today. Knitted jumpsuit is a very cute and useful product for babies. We see that it is highly preferred especially in photographing.

If you like knitting and making knitwear, try these overalls. It is very easy to make. Some models also serve as a baby pacifier chain. You can also make different models with buttons, pompoms and various accessories.And here is our gallery where we compile the most beautiful models. Don’t forget to review and be inspired.

Flat Knitting Bag Making

Dear ladies, in today’s article, we will share with you the production of a flat knitted bag made of macrame thread.

It is an undeniable fact that it is an important and necessary accessory for women when it comes to bags. Bags used according to clothing combinations, bags used according to the environment to be visited, bags used for seasonal summer or winter, bags for daily use, and the favorite accessories of women who can enter into a long list called wedding invitations are bags.

Knitting bags, which are beautiful and comfortable for ministers, who are used by women, are among the most preferred this year.

You can use the bag making either with a handle or by hanging on the neck using the long part. It fits well in making cream-colored bags.


Macrame rope

Leather accessory

3 and 4 number crochet


Let’s draw 37 chains for the bag model making will be 21 cm. Let us cross the second chain and make the needle frequently. Let’s cross the needle until the end of the line. When it comes to the last chain, we will continue with 3 frequent needles. As for the first place, when we come to the 3 needles section in the corner, let’s make two needles by sinking twice.

Let’s continue making frequent needles one by one from the next. Let’s cross the needle until the end of the line. When it comes to the last chain, we will continue with 3 frequent needles. Let’s continue until this is 7 cm wide. Let us cross the second chain and make the needle frequently. Let’s cross the needle until the end of the line.

When it comes to the last chain, we will continue with 3 frequent needles. As for the first place, when we come to the 3 needles section in the corner, let’s make two needles by sinking twice. As for the first place, when we come to the 3 needles section in the corner, let’s make two needles by sinking twice.

Let’s continue making frequent needles one by one from the next. Let’s continue making frequent needles one by one from the next. Let’s cross the needle until the end of the line. Let’s continue until we get the size we want. Let’s wear the accessories.

You can also use your own rope when wearing accessories. But we recommend sewing with wax thread. It will look better in terms of appearance.

Wouldn’t you like to knit your own bag and go anywhere with this bag? Add elegance to your elegance with knitted bags that you can knit easily and quickly!

Knitting Newborn Baby Vests

Braids keep them warm as well as healthy for our babies. For this reason, mothers have always preferred knit vests.

We have prepared a beautiful model with crochet for you from baby vest. It is a vest that looks very beautiful when the narrative is finished. You can make the same numbers from crochet samples using different models you want. We are talking about samples knitted with crochet and knitting needles in baby vests. Some examples of knit vests and their construction are described in the description of some of our models, some are detailed, some are illustrated. Newborn baby vests, which we will share in a short while, are among our models with knitted schemes.

Baby hand knitting models will take place among the models you will knit with pleasure and easily. Prepare the crochet threads, we proceed immediately.

Knit Baby Bodysuit Vest Models

We have prepared a recipe consisting of both knitted baby gloves and a great vest. A model with a narrative scheme. By following the diagram, you can easily knit newborn baby vest knitting pattern..

The vest is knitted as a whole. After the front, back part separations are made, we knit the back and then finish the baby vest models by knitting the front. We prepared the construction scheme of two different models knitted with the same technique. In a diagram, the dimensions are much clearer. You can knit in those dimensions and use the first model as an example. Let’s examine the schemes.

Let’s move on to the making of our other model with different crochet patterns knitted with the same technique.

We shared two very beautiful vest models. Different crochet patterns were used, knitted with the same technique. You can knit these vests for your newborn babies.

Different And Stylish Designs

Some are knitted, some are macrame. We have compiled many different designs in this article. If you are interested in hobby works, please take a look at these simple yet elegance designs.You can be inspired especially for children’s rooms. Great images come out with little touches.

You can make these designs even in a few hours to bring movement to your walls. Handmade designs are always special and never go out of fashion.You can find new ideas by examining our gallery.